SAP refers to the Software Products developed by company SAP SE which are used by over 293,500 customers in 190 countries across the world. The core products used by large companies are SAP ERP, SAP SCM, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP PLM, SAP BI, HANA, S4 HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP Fiori, SAP Lumira, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business by Design, SAP Business One, Business Objects and SAP Success Factors.

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Sometime companies need to procure internally or move materials from one plant to the other, Stock Transfer Order in SAP is used for this function. Sometimes materials need to be directly charged to the project, cost center or sales order instead of storage into the inventory, SAP provides the functionality with Account Assigned Order.

Learn the Stock Transport Order (STO) and Account Assigned Order (AAO) in this course by SAPXPERT.COM from XPERT Tutor Sumit Jain.

Evaluated Receipt settlement (ERS) in SAP allows the settlement of a goods receipt without receiving the "Actual Invoice" from the vendor. Using ERS means that you have an agreement with your suppliers that they do not send you invoices for purchasing transactions, but you will pay for purchases based on the information contained in purchase orders and service entries.

Learn more about SAP's Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) functionality in this course by SAPXPERT from XPERT Tutor Sumit Jain.

Sometimes SAP consultants or Superusers need to thousands of material's some attribute with the same value. This can be done by using the "Mass Change" functionality. Also, users need to constantly remove materials from the main database and move them to secondary storage when the materials are obsolete to maintain the freshness of data and maintain system performance. This sis done by archiving the material master.

Learn more about Material Master Archiving and Mass Change of Materials in this course by SAPXPERT.COM from XPERT Tutor Sumit Jain.

Prior to the creation or Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders in SAP system, certain system settings need to be maintained by the SAP Consultant. These settings are done in SPRO and known as "Configuration" or "Customizing".

Learn how to make system settings in SPRO for Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders with demonstrations in this course by SAPXPERT.COM from XPERT Tutor Sumit Jain.

Some materials are required to be valuated differently in a plant due to variety of reasons such as material origin, quality difference, status, procurement or production methods, etc. SAP' split valuation functionality is used to valuate such materials.

Taking this MM course will help you with everything you need to start your career in working with SAP Purchasing , Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, and many other important areas of any business.

Learn Split Valuation in SAP MM in this course by SAPXPERT.COM from XPERT Tutor Sumit Jain.

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